Capacitive Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

Capacitive Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

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Product Details

General Introduction:

Our PT-3051 pressure transmitter adopts advanced high-precision intelligent sensor elements, with high cost-effective. Using the digital capacitor circuit to replace analog signal amplifying circuit and A/D conversion circuit in conversion method. Using digital compensation technology to compensate for temperature and static pressure, improving measurement accuracy and reducing temperature drift. The product has features of long-term stability, high reliability, strong self-diagnosis, etc.


Our products have approved CE certification, which can directly replace similar products. All the products can be customized according to your requirements, we can also accept OEM.


Technical Specifications:

Media: oil(mineral, screw compressor oil,) water or other liquids etc.

Power Supply: 24VDC (10~45VDC)

Accuracy: 0.25%FS- 0.5%FS

Pressure Range: 0 ~ 0.2KPa ~ 41.37MPa

Measuring range ratio: 40 : 1

Material: stainless steel

Output: 4~20mA, HART communication optional

Media temperature: -40 - 104

Ambient temperature: -40 - 85

Operating Temperature: -40 - 85

Relative humidity: 5% - 100%

Amount of change volume: <0.16cm3

Damping: time constant is adjustable from 0.1 to 32s

Attack time: 3s, no need to warm up

Electrical Connection: PG7

Process Connection: flange connection

Response time: <1ms

Protection level: IP65

Warranty: 12 month

Certification: CE


1. Flexible and strong functions;

2. Strong self-diagnosis ability;

3. Wide range coverage;

4. High reliability;

5. Zero point and range adjustments do not affect each other;

6. Remote and local zero, span adjustment;

7. Two-wire system, HART-compliant, digital communication with ROSEMOUNT 275 without interrupting analog output

8. Non-volatile memory inside the sensor;

9. Good stability, high accuracy, adjustable damping, unidirectional overload ability;

10. No mechanical transmission parts, less maintenance work, anti-seismic;

11.  Display header 330° free rotation for convenient on-site observation;

12.  Sensor and electronic board interchange does not affect transmitter performance, more convenient for maintenance;

13.  Material of the diaphragm which contact the medium is optional;

14.  Explosion-proof housing structure.