China Manufacturer Magnetic Field Sensor with High Accuracy

Product Description:

The Fluxgate Sensor is to measure the value of magnetic field with non linear relationship between magnetic flux density of the core of high conductivity magnet stimulated by alternating magnetic field and the measured magnetic field. The product can measure stationary magnetic field and alternating magnetic field accurately.

It can measure three axial magnetic fields maximally. It is very applicable to vector measurement of weak magnetic field, high resolution measurement of magnetic field and measurement of wide band magnetic field.

Technical Datasheet:

Working power supply: ±13V~±17VDC, with power indicator

Model: HS-MS-FG3LN

Number of axis: 3

Measuring range: ±70uT~±250uT

Sensitivity: 7~25uT/V

Bandwidth: DC~1KHz(0.3dB)

Linearity error: ≤±0.01%FS

Orthogonality error: ≤±0.2°

Frequency domain noise: <6pT/rms√Hz@1Hz

Time domain noise: ≤0.1nT RMS@ 10 points each second

Power consumption: ≤0.4W

Water-proof level: IP67

Net weight: 165g

Size: 30*30*110(mm)