Diesel Fuel Tank Level Gauge Touch Control Console/ Fuel Controller

Basic Info:

Touch Control Console


It can monitor up to 12 tanks and monitor the delivery conditions, it also enjoys a static leak test function.


It can display product level, water level, temperature, volume, ullage.


It enjoys a tank tilt compensation function.


It can display dynamically the change of product level and water level with graphics in proportion,

it features a 7 inch colored touch-screen console panel, and each interface displays 4 graphics.


It features an audible and visual alarm function with front panel.


It comes with two RS-232 serial interface communication ports to connect with different brand Center Console.


It enjoys a record function, all information are stored in memory for future queries.

There is an embedded printer in it to print inventory reports, delivery reports, leak reports and shift reports.


It can calculate volume of product by multipoint, which can fully ensure the accuracy of volume of the product.


After connected with Center Console though internet, it can provide information in long-distance for manager to arrange the inventory.


It can monitor the oil pump according to the product level, which can avoid the product spilled and pumpdown.


It can connect with flow-meter to display delivery information constantly.

Touch Control Console


Power Supply Voltage:                                                                 AC120~265V 50HZ

Environmental Temperature:                                                                  -20~60

Environmental Humidity:                                                                         20%~85%

Display Screen:                                                                          7 inch colored touch screen

Processor / Memory:                                                                     High-speed embedded /

Hard Disk / CF:                                                                                                ---

Printer:                                                                                          Embedded minitype printer

Safety Barrier:                                                         Power safety barrier, communication safety barrier

Power-off protection:                                                                                        ---

Size:                                                                                                    310x220x105 (mm)


Display:                                                                                              English, Graph, Colored

System Language:                                                                                         English

Max Tank Number 12

Relay:                                                                                                            With 2 relays

Method of Communication:                                                                            RS-485

Tank Inventory Report:                                           Users can inquire and print inventory information at any moment.

User-defined product type supported:                                                         Available

Auto Delivery:                   Auto delivery monitoring, and reports are generated after delivery. Users can inquire and print reports.

Manual delivery:                                                       Click the "start delivery", it will create delivery report

Product Mass Calculation:                                                                                  ---

Print Function:                                                                              User can print all kinds of reports

Network Function:                                                              Inquiring data in long-distance through internet.

Outside Explosion-proof Ringer:                                                   Avoiding the product spilled.

System Update:                                                             It's convenient to update the software and hardware.

Control the Oil Pump:                                                              Avoiding the product spilled and pumpdown

Setup/Inquiry Parameter:    Users can setup and inquiry the parameter about the tank, hardware, product type, alarm, date, tank volume table

Automatic Gauge:                                                   Display product level, water level, temperature, volume, ullage

Volume Table Edit:                                                Data input via touch screen, enjoy the import and export function.

Volume Table Calibration:                                      Use the method of Guihe Volume Table Calibration to calibrate it.

Static Leak Detection Function:                  During the idle time of the gas station, user can do the leak detection for the thank.( Detection rate :0.38 L/H)

Dynamic Leak Detection Function:                                                                        ---

Alarm:                                                                                           Audible and visual alarm and inquiry function

Shift Exchange:                                                                           Shift exchange function and create the report.

Interface:                                                                                 With two RS-232 serial interface communication ports