DX-160 Full-digital High-precision Gauss Meter


     DX-160 Full-digital high-precision gaussmeter/teslameter is designed for high-test precision, high-resolution magnetic field test applications. It provides a wide-range measurement from DC to up to 50kHz AC magnetic field measurement. It also has functions of auto-zeroing and auto-range. Maximum value, minimum value, peak and valley is selectable at hold mode.

     This instrument can measure and display 6 parameters simultaneously. Units of measure optional Gauss, Tesla, A / M or Oe. This instrument also provides RS232 interface for communications with PC. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO-9001 standard. With the functions of bright VGA color graphics, full menu operation, 5 3/4-bit readings, high-resolution 1 / 600000, it makes you convenient to observe 0.0001mT weak changes in the high magnetic field measurements. It is able to measure maximum at 30KG (3T). It has a large-capacity data storage and you can review the historical-data according to storage time and it can upload data to PC. Products are mainly sold to large institutes, universities and research departments of large factories.

   Optional: Remote Control System, Gauss Meter Professional mapping software, Industrial control output components, zero gauss chamber.


5 ¾-bit resolution on VGA color panel

Basic DC accuracy: ±0.20% of reading

Time and display brightness configurable

Basic resolution:  0.00001 mT

Maximum/minimum/peak/valley holding and interface locking

Threshold setting and alarming

Data-storage(auto/manual)/historical-data reviewing

Auto-zero, automatic/manual range

Probe Auto Calibration / Auto Memory operation mode

RS-232C interface / data output

Display units optional Gauss, Tesla, A / M or Oe

Zero setting / relative measurement mode

Communication baud rate adjustment / working temperature display

Matching Zero Gauss Chamber/Gauss Meter Professional mapping software

dozens of optional basic probe (standard 0.50mm ultra-thin probe)

Model-160 Specifications

1mT = 10Gs





Accuracy (display value)


Reading  of 0.20% ± 0.005% range


±1% of reading 

Frequency range

DC mode

Dc to 50Hz

AC mode

2Hz to50kHz

Analog Output

Output Voltage

±3V F.S.


Standard BNC

Additional effects

Temperature Coefficient

±(0.02% ±1 count)/ ºC

Temperature range

Working temperature

0ºC  to +50ºC

Storage temperature

-20ºC  to +60ºC

Panel Display

 3.5 inch VGA, 320 x 240 Pixel    

Communication Interface

RS-232       Standard 9-pin D-type connectors

Supply power 

Voltage :  200/240v      Frequency :  50-60 Hz