Electric Float Level Interface Transmitter

Basic Info:



Model NO.:     UTD-3010                    Principle:Magnetic Sensors

Range:            0-5m                     Measurement Accuracy:±8mm

Accuracy:         0.2%                     Kind:Liquid Level Transmitter

Structure:       All in One                 Warranty:2 Year

Certification:       CE                     Material:SS304

Process Temperature:                        -40~250℃


UTD-3010 Electric Float Level Interface Transmitter, have the same quality of fisher 3010 but much cheaper than fisher 3010. UTD-3010 is consisted of 3010 intelligent level transmitter and 00 series float level sensor. The 3010 intelligent level transmitter is imported from FISHER Company and the float level sensor is made by our factory. It can be used to measure level, interface or liquid gravity and output current signal.


UTD-3010 level transmitter is 24v DC power supply. It can LCD display the analog, process level, process temperature and so on.


Output signal:4~20mADC

Linear of header(proportion=1):±0.25%FS


the performance of the whole instrument(proportion=1):



Weight of standard float

General type:5083 0.95

High-temperature type: 6383 1.00

Measure range:500,800,1200,1600,2000mm

Media proportion:0.4~1.0 g/3

Minimum proportion Difference:0.1(standard float)(g/3)

Working pressure:

External float:6.3,16Mpa

Internal float top:6.3Mpa

Internal float side:4Mpa

Flameproof Instrumentation:explosion-proof level ExiaIICT6

Intrinsic safety instrument:explosion-proof level ExiaIICT6

Dust explosion-proof instrument:explosion-proof level DIP DT T13

Media temperature:ordinary type 150ºC,high temperature type 350ºC

UTD-3010-61, UTD-3010-51, UTD-3010-31, UTD-3010-21, UTD-3010-11, UTD-3010-01, UTD-3010G-01 Electric Float Level Interface Transmitter.

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