Essential Firefighting Equipment on Boat2

            5. Axe and Fire Hook

         There two types of axe. Big axe is used for cutting cables or dismantling. Small one is one of portable tools for fire fighter being used for dismantling or supporting. Fire hook is also tools applied for demolishing.

fire axe fire hook

           6. Sand Bucket and Sand Box

         Sand bucket and sand box are wood container for storage of fire sand. The volume of box should be more than 0.03m³. Sand must be dry and checked once every 3 months.  Cover object on fire with sand to isolate object from air and absorb heat. Then fire can be extinguished.

sand box


        7. International Shore Connection

       As a public connection for ship to shore or ship to ship, international shore connection is a size to size conversion joint. It is made of iron or other material with same function. It can undertake working pressure of 1.0 N/ m㎡. Big connection is international standard. Small connection is for the fire hydrant. The ship of more 500 tons should be equipped with at least one suitable international shore connection.


international shore connection

           8. Explosion Detector

          It is also called flammable air detector. It is used to detect flammable air or steam. Based on the way it detects, it can be divided into two typesspreading and pumping. According to monitoring method, it has catalytic combustion, thermal conductivity, infrared absorption and so on. Explosion detector can tell instantly percentage of flammable air or if dangerous air reaches the minimum limit of explosion. It can work for hundreds of flammable air or steam.

explosion detector