Explosion-proof Ultrasonic Oil Tank Liquid Level Meter

General Description:

The ultrasonic level meter includes several proprietary technologies, it is safe and clean, stable and reliable, convenient to install and maintain , with high precision and long service life. 

It's applicable to various kinds of liquids in field of acid, alkali, salt, anticorrosion, and high temperature.


 Power supply: DC 24V/AC 220V (lightning proof device installed inside)

 External material: Die-cast aluminum explosion-proof enclosure

 Measuring range: 0~15m(Chosen based on actual measuring range)

 Accuracy: 0.3%FS

 Ranging resolution: 1mm

 Blind area: 0.25m ~ 0.6m

 Pressure: Less than four atmospheric pressure

 Analog output: 4~20mA, Max loop load 500Ω

 Display: With LCD to display liquid levels

 Ambient temperature-20℃~+60℃

 Installation method: Integral flange mounting

 Explosion proof mark: Exd(ia) IIBT6

 Protection level: IP67

 Direction angle: 4°~ 6°(full-width)