Liquid Level Gages-Ultrasonic Level Meter-Aluminium Shell

Basic Info:


Model NO.: Ultrasonic Level Meter

Output Signal Type: Digital Type

Material: ABS, Aluminium Shell

Certification: ISO

Signal: 4~20mA

Shape: Have Split Type and All in One Type

Protection Class: IP68, IP67

Power Supply: 220VAC+-15%, 24VDC, 12VDC

Resolution: 1mm, 3mm, 0.1%

Specification: SGS

HS Code: 90261000

Contact: Contactless

Production Process: Normal Wire wound

IP Rating: IP67

Customized: Customized

Digital: RS485, RS232 Output

Level Control: Can with Level Switches, High Level, Hh, L, Ll

Installation: Overhead Rack Mounting, Flange or Wall Hung Type

Accuracy: 0.25%~0.5%

Trademark: Smagall

Origin: Shaanxi, China

Product Description:


Ultrasonic Level Meter, ultrasound water level meter, split ultrasonic level meter, ultrasound oil level meter 2-wire ultrasonic level meter, 3wire ultrasonic level meter, 4wire ultrasonic level meter

Ultrasonic Level Meter, ultrasound water level meter, ultrasonic gas level meter, ultrasound oil level meter

Output 4~20mA, can be with RS485, RS232 digital output, can be with level switches, have all-in-one type and split type ultrasonic level meter.


Ultrasonic Level Meter, ultrasound water level meter, ultrasonic gas level meter, ultrasound oil level meter.


The ultrasonics testing and measuring equipments are making an special evalutation to the working conditions of the utrasonic processors and appliance, directly showing key performance dates for us to judge and adjust. All for maximum using ultrasonic high power technology.



The Ultrasonic Level Measurement is mounted on top of the vessel. Under the control of the electronic unit, the probe emits ultrasonic wave pulse to measured medium. The sound wave is reflected by the surface of medium, a part of reflection echo is received by the probe and converted into electrical signal. From the emission of the ultrasonic wave to the new reception, the time is direct proportion to the distance from the probe to the measured medium. The electronic unit detects the time and calculates out the easured distance according to the known sound velocity. Use subtraction to obtain the value of medium position. It is widely used in open pipe, oil tank, pump station, water tower, dam, open channel, difference between levels etc.


2. Technical Parameter:


Product Name ultrasonic liquid level meter

Measuring Range 2~8m(liquid); 1~4m(solid)

Blind Area 0.2~0.25m

Precision 0.2% of the full measuring range(in the air)

Display Resolution 25px

Current Output 4~20mA

Output Resolution 0.03% of full measuring range

Output Load 0~600Ω

Relay Specification 5A 250VAC/30VDC

Parameter Set 3 sensing buttons

Medium Temp -45°C~ 75°C

Detecting Period 1 S

Installation thread

Acousticwave Beam Angle 8°(3db)

Pressure Range ±0.3MP