Liquid Level Indicator

General Description:

The portable liquid level indicator is designed to measure the presence or absence of liquid at a certain height position in a container or in pipelines. The material of measurable liquid containers can be made of various kinds of materials like metal, glass or unfoamed plastics. Under ordinary conditions, the maximum wall thickness of measurable containers is 30mm. It is noted that medium density, permittivity, conductivity, reflection coefficient, pressure, temperature, precipitation or other factors have negligible influence on the measurement result. The product is applicable to the detection of various types of liquids (without crystallization or other particulate matter). Due to the technique of non-contact detection this liquid level indicator is an ideal choice for the detection of dangerous toxic or corrosive liquids.


No contact with medium

Suitable for toxic, corrosive, or invasive medium

No need for drilling or welding on the container wall

Advanced ultrasonic sensor technology

Reliable measurement results

Easy and convenient to operate and maintain

Ultrasonic adaptive detection algorithm.

High-contrast OLED color display,suitable for outdoor use under strong light

The added ultrasonic-waveform-display function facilitates parameter testing, waveform comparing and application of other functions to ensure measurement accuracy in complicated situations

Good user interface design

Comprehensive software displays measurement result in a simple manner

Bilingual operation modes (Chinese/English)