Liquid Level Instrument Installation Guide (1)

The regulation to be followed if the liquid level instrument is installed on site:


1. Instrument should be installed on a bright place where it is easy to operate and repair. The instrument should not be installed on a vibrating, humid place where it is likely to be destroyed by other machine, electromagnet, high temperature, rapid temperature fluctuation and corrosive gas nearby.

2. The instrument should be 1.2-1.5m away from the ground. The position of the instrument should be in a visible place when worker operates valves to watch display changes of the liquid level instrument.

3. Before installation, make sure the instrument is compact in appearance with complete accessories and the model, specifications and material is according with the design.

4. Do not knock or vibrate during installation. Fix the instrument tightly and evenly.

5. According to the design, if the instrument should be degreased, make sure the instrument is degreased properly.

6. If instrument is installed on tubes, the installation should be after tube cleaning and before tube pressure testing. If instrument have to be installed at the same time with the installation of tube, the instrument should be removed before the tube cleaning. The arrow direction on the instrument housing case should be same with the direction of the medium flow.

7. After instrument is installed directly on processing equipment or tubes, the instrument should go through pressure testing together with processing system.

8. The input of the junction box should not be towards up side to avoid oil, water or dust. If it is inevitable to be towards up side, the box should be sealed properly.

9. The words and terminal number on nameplate of instrument and electrical equipment should be clear.