Liquid Level Instrument Installation Guide (2)

Wiring Regulations of Liquid Level Instrument and Electrical Equipment:

1. Check and mark cable before wiring. 

2. Core of cable should not be destroyed when insulating layer is removed. 

3. Several cable core ends should be made into one end with heated tin or blade terminal.If        blade terminal is applied, pressure welding or soldering can be used to connect cable and        blade terminal. The joint should be fixed and perform well in electrical conductivity. 

4. During tin soldering,non corrosive soldering agent is recommended. 

5. The joint of cable and terminals should be fixed and have some distance from the end. 

6. Make sure the wiring is correct and wiring arrangement is neat. 

7. Liquid level instrument and electrical equipment are easily affacted by vibration.Therefore      spring washer should be applied on wiring termial. 

8. Compensation resistor should be installed firmly. The remove of it should be easy. The          resisting error is allowed to be within ±0.1.