Side-Mounted Level Switch, Ultrasonic Liquid Level Controller

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Controller

The HS-ULC Type External Ultrasonic Liquid Level control is a new type of liquid level monitoring and alarming instrument. The high frequency ultrasonic pulse produced by the probe of the liquid level control can pass through tank wall and transmit between the tank wall and the liquid and then be reflected back. By detecting and calculating the reflective behavior, the level control can identify whether there is liquid at the monitored position. The liquid level control can send relay signal to succeeding devices or other equipment at the mean time, which can realize the function of simultaneous monitoring or controlling.

Main technique parameters:

Operating Voltage: DC 24V(18~36V)   0.05A

Repeatability error: ±2mm

Measurable tank wall thickness: 2-70mm

Material: Cast aluminum

Time lag: 1 ~ 3 seconds

Explosion-proof Mark: ExdmIICT6

Ingress Protection: IP65

Output signal: Relay output

Relay capacity: DC 30V 6A / AC 250V 6A

Ambient temperature: -50℃~60℃ (-58 °F – 140 °F)

Operating humidity: 15% ~ 100%RH

Diameter of threading hol: Φ8mm ( adaptive cable diameter Φ6~8mm )


This instrument is especially suitable for monitoring liquid level in a tank and alarming when the level reaches maximum or minimum. It can be also used to identify the existence of liquid in pipe (dry condition protection). Therefore it can be applied to level control of various types of liquid in industries of pharmaceuticals, petroleum, chemical, electricity, food and so on. It is an ideal choice for the detection of dangerous toxic or corrosive liquid.

Operating Environment:

Measurable Tank Material: The probe installation area on tank wall should be hard material with good conductivity such as carbon steel, stainless steel, various hard metal, fiber glass, epikote, rigid plastic, ceramics, glass, rigid rubber and other composite material. The internal and external surface of installing position should be smooth. If there are multipal layers in tank wall, the layers should compact without foam or air gap such as sulfide rigid rubber lining, epikote lining, stainless steel lining, and titanium.

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