Total Field Magnetometer

  Total field Magnetometer, based on our Magnetometer advanced and our clients' feedback, which is according to fluxgate rule and controlled by computer, mainly used for iron ore exploring. It can measure two parameters of total field and vertical field. When measuring the total field, the back shelf is backing on body to measure, operation conveniently.

  The internal computer makes transfer machine adjusted, 24 bit high precision A/D conversion, measures magnetic field up to 80000nt, large LCD display power curve facility and intuition, connecting to computer to do data processing and interpreting. So it is much suitable for first learner, special geological staff. It is a magnetometer with high resolution and precision, and performance price ratio.


1. Multi-parameter measurement: Measure the total field power T or vertical component Z.

2. Directly display anomalous value: When measure base point, directly display the total field anomalous value deltaT, and vertical component anomalous value deltaZ.

3. Curving automatically: After measuring line geomagnetic survey, displaying the deltaT or deltaZ curve to show the ore location.

4. Digital memory: Memory automatically the magnetic data of the base point and survey station, the most 5000 points. Through data transmission interface connecting to computer to analysis and save data.

5. Operation conveniently: Easy to learn, to operate. With a back lighting used for the poor light area.

6. Large Dynamic range: 24 bit A/D conversion, dynamic range up to 144dB, magnetic power range 80000 nT -- + 80000 nT suitable for magnetic method exploring anywhere.

Main Parameters:

Measurement range: -80000nT -- +80000nT

resolution 1 nT

Sensor the vertical component overcrossing error≤ ± 30nT

Total field overcross error(sensor slope≤ 30º )

Remeasure error ≤ 10nT

Temperature factor 10 PPM/º C

Memory 5000 points

Display 160*128 LCD

Power 8V-4AH lithium battery

Work cost 200mA— 290mA

Work temperature -10º C--+50º C

Host Dimension 225× 180× 80(mm)

Host weight 1 Kg

Sensor dimension 125× 75(mm)

Sensor weight 1 Kg