Ultrasonic Sensor Liquid Level Gauge, Water Level Sensor

Product Description

Ultrasonic Sensor Liquid Level Gauge, Water Level Sensor (A+E 63L)

Basic Info


Model NO.: A+E 63L

Range: 0-15m

Accuracy: 0.1%

Structure: All in One

Certification: CE, SGS

Process Temperature: -20℃~80℃

Dead Zone: 0.25-0.6m

Bearing: 4-6 Degree

Protection: IP67

Digital Output: Hart (Optional and Charged More)

Process Pressure: < 0.3 MPa

Origin: Shanghai, Cn

Principle: Ultrasonic

Measurement Accuracy: ±3mm

Kind: Ultrasonic Wave

Warranty: 1 Year

Material: ABS

Item: Liquid Level Gauge

Resolution: 1mm

Measuring Range: 0-3m, 0-6m, 0-10m, 0-15m, 0-20m

Ambient Temperature: -20-60 Degree

Probe: Water Proof, ABS, Anticorrosion, PTFE

Trademark: SMAGALL



1) Two lines LCD display and keyboard, live operation.

2) Intergrated detection module with 4-20 mA /RS485 connector.

3) Protected from over voltage and over current.

4) Intergrated temperature sensor.

5) Automatically detected lively electrical disturbance and restained it.

6) Four optional response speed, even the liquid has sharp fluctuation the average level can be read accurately.

7) Non-connected with the medium.



1) The distance between the probe and the lowest level should be shorter than the measuring range of the choosed level meter.

2) The distance between the probe and the highest level should be longer than the dead zone of the choosed level meter.

3) The surface of the probe should be keeping parallel with the liquid.



1) Continuous and nonconnected lequid, pasty and small particulate matter.

2) It has the function of system intergration with 4-20mA simulate current or RS485 connector / ModBUS protocol.



Measuring range 0-3m, 0-6m, 0-10m, 0-15m, 0-20m

Dead aera 0.25-0.6m

Accuracy ±0.3%FS

Resolution ±1mm

Bearing 4-6 degree

Pressure under 0.4 MPa

Display LCD

Simulate output 4-20mA current

Digital output Hart (optional and charged more)

Power supply DC 12-36V

Ambient temperature -20-60 degree

Protection IP65

Shell ABS

Probe water proof, ABS, anticorrosion, PTFE


How to select?

When you are not very clear about how to select an ultrasonic liquid level gauge model, please kindly tell us as much about the project so that we could recommend you an appropriate one, such as:

1) Where will be the meter used?

2) What's the measuring media?

3) How is the measuring range?

4) How is the working condition, temperature, pressure, foam & dust?

5) How about the process connection and installation?

6) Other specific requirements.