High Precision Top- Mounted Ultrasonic Level Meter (HS-200)

High Precision Top- Mounted Ultrasonic Level Meter (HS-200)

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Product Details

1. Instrumentation Principles

(1) The distance of transducer launching surface to the lowest level should be less than the purchase instrument range

(2) The distance of the transducer launching surface to the highest liquid level should be greater than the purchase of the blind instrument

(3) The launch surface of the transducer should be keep parallel to the liquid surface. 

(4) Transducer installation location should be as far as possible avoid these liquid surface fluctuations position that just under the inlet, outlet ,if It is impossible to avoid,please install guided-wave tube to aid in measuring.

(5) If the pool wall or tank wall is not smooth, meter installation location should at least more than 0.5m from the pool wall or tank wall. The specific distance from the pool wall or the tank wall determined according to the actual situation.

(6) If the distance of the transducer launching surface to the highest level is less than the blind area of the purchase instrument is required to install an extension tube, that diameter is greater than 200mm, and the length is 0.35m~0.50m.

2. Technical parameters

Measuring range  

0~10m(Chosen based on actual measuring range)

Blind area  


Ranging accuracy 

0.3% (Standard condition)

Ranging resolution 



less than two atmospheric pressure

Meter display

With LCD to display liquid level

Analog output


Digital output

RS485, Agreement Modbus or customization agreement

Power supply voltage

DC24V/AC220V, lightningproof device installed inside

Ambient temperature 

-20 ~ +60

Protection grade 


3. Features

The meter is with following features:

(1) For circuit design, high-quality power modules are selected to be as power supply parts, highly stable and reliably devices are used as components;

(2) Patent sonic-wave intelligent technology software can make intelligentized echo analysis. It needs neither debugging nor other special steps. This technology has functions of dynamic thinking and dynamic analysis

(3) Our sonic-wave intelligent patent technology greatly improves the meter’s precision up to 0.3%, which is enough to resist various interference waves;

(4) Non-contact and does not directly contact liquid, so the fault rate is low. The meter can be installed in several different ways, and the user can make meter calibration according to the Manual;

All input and output lines must be with such protection functions as lightning protection and short circuit prevention.

4. Installation

4.1 Overall size


Installation method: Open environment commonly used stent installation method, using a fixed flange own instrument.

4.2 Meter's wiring


Power supply: AC220V / DC24V, 4 ~ 20mA and RS485 (A B)sharing two terminal, SPST1 and SPST2 the corresponding parameters.

4.3 Installation parameters


As shown, instrument’s transducers made after the wave hit the level reflected back to transducer, the transducer receives income calculated after the hair waves to waves of time, are measured from the L, meter installation height minus the measurement of TH the distance L will be the current level H. 

Meter range means the instrument can measure the distance, the installation should be less than a high degree of TH range. 

Instrument blind means measuring instruments in the vicinity of the transducer can not be measured in the region, the highest level with the transducer spacing should be greater than the blind, for example: blind spot for the 0.3m, the highest level with the transducer spacing must be greater than 0.3m.

5. Applications

A. Sewage Level Measurement


B. Reservoir Level Measurement


C. Water Tank Level Measurement


D. Pool Level Measurement


E. Cistern Level Measurement


F. River Level Measurement