Awarding Ceremony For Excellent Staff In The First Season Of 2016

     On 25th April,2016, our company hold a awarding ceremony for the seleted excellent staff for the first season of 2016.All the staff in the company attended the ceremony. 

     For every department we selected one staff as the excellent employee.At the ceremony our general manager Ms. Li gave a speech to all the staff in the company. She encouraged us to work harder with passion,morality and patience. Then every awarded staff presented a speach to express their attitude toward working. Finally, all the awarded staff took photos with general manager Ms.Li.

     General Manger Ms.Li was giving a speech. 


    The manager of Research and Development Team was giving a speech. 


   Two top sales from two departments


    Excellent head from after-sales department 


      Excellent staff 


     Exvery awarded staff presented a speech 


     General Manager Ms.Li and other two managers took photo with all the awarded staff