External Measurement: Ensure Maximized Safety


External Measurement: Ensure Maximized Safety


                             External Liquid Level Control


                       External Liquid Level Meter

When industrial applications require to measure and control liquid level of container and look for a SAFE, CLEAN and ACCURATE solution, Smagall is here to give you customized offer with years of experience.

What is Smagall's External Measurement? 

Unlikely to conventional non-contact technology in which sensors do not contact medium but still have to be installed by penetrating tank wall, Smagall liquid level meter and control don’t need to either contact the medium inside or penetrate tank wall. Liquid level can be monitored and controlled without opening container or making a hole in the wall, which ensures maximized safety

and productivity. 

Benefits for the external measurement feature

- Extremely easy and safe to install.

Sensors are only needed to be installed on the external surface of tank without penetrating the wall by welding. It is extremely safe especially when the medium is flammable liquid such as petrol or other hazardous chemicals. 

- Installation, repairing and maintenance without interfering normal use of tank.

When conventional measuring equipment are applied, the sensors have to be removed when it comes to repairing or maintenance, while the tank has to be emptied and opened. This will result in the situation that tank can not be used for a few days and operational cost will increase accordingly. With patented ultrasonic measurement technology from Smagall, the tank can still be used when the necessary repairing or maintenance is needed, which ensures the normal operation and productivity of the system.