Testing and Calibrating System & Calibration Service

Testing and Calibrating System & Calibration Service

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All Smagall sensors are provided with a Certificate of Calibration in accordance with our published specifications and the provisions of ISO10012-1. 

If you need to return equipment to us for calibration, please first email our service team: service@smagall.com. 

The calibration of all parameters of Smagall magnetic fluxgate sensors is completed in the self- developed calibrating and testing system. Such calibrating and testing system, with high precision and stability, has passed the examination of measuring transmission ability of magnetic sensor by National Weak Magnet First Level Metering Station. This system can calibrate all parameters of sensors with authentic and reliable result. 

We will email you to confirm receipt of the equipment. We will then proceed with the calibration as requested on receipt of your purchase order. If any additional work is required we will contact you with a quote before proceeding and on receipt of your updated purchase order, continue with the work. 

After calibration is completed, new calibration labels will be affixed where appropriate. We will email you to confirm when we have shipped the equipment and original calibration certificates back to you. On request, we can include the equipment's pre-calibration status. 

The standard turnaround time for calibration is two weeks from receipt of your instructions to proceed. If products need to be sent to a third-party for calibration, the turnaround time may be longer. Any early notification of calibration requirements will allow for the work to be scheduled and reduce lead-times. 


To test and calibrate the parameters of magnetic fluxgate sensor, sets of software are developed and used by Smagall. 

•Sensitivity Calibration Software 

•Linearity Calibration Software
- DC Linearity Calibration Software
- AC Linearity Calibration Software 

•Frequency Response Calibration Software 

•Stability Calibration Software 

•Orthogonality Calibration Software 

•Noise Calibrating Software
- Time Domain Noise Calibration Software
- Frequency Domain Noise Calibration Software